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Mud bogs and farm furrows aren't the only places that Mahindra ROXOR specialty vehicles have been making a splash lately. The company's booth at the 2019 Detroit Auto Show was packed with off-road enthusiasts and editors looking to see what the new offering is all about. What the visitors found was something entirely unique: a modern throwback to the Willys military vehicle, with a market potential that's wide open. "This is not a vehicle that fits neatly into any category," explains Rich Ansell, vice president of marketing for Mahindra Automotive North America. "The steel body construction and turbo diesel engine make this more of an 'un-UTV.' It's a very capable machine that appeals to the recreational market but is also appropriate for commercial use." Although it's not street legal, the Mahindra ROXOR has an ample top speed of 55 mph. Its torquey engine, combined with a beefy, boxed steel frame and automotive-grade transmission, make it a workhorse with plenty of pull. Since its launch in March 2018, the ROXOR has gained traction in diverse segments: mining operations, natural resource offices, beach and border patrols, and yes, people who just want to go off-road for fun. The rugged platform can be customized with a hard top, winch, windshield, heater, and more. Repairability is another attractive feature of the ROXOR. "People love the fact that they can take a wrench to this thing because it's a very simple, well-built vehicle," explains Ansell. Ansell adds that "durability is one of the pillars of the ROXOR brand, so the paint has to live up to that promise, too." Accordingly, PPG got involved in the ROXOR success story at an early stage, with a team headed by Keith Larson, PPG business development manager. He and PPG product and color experts worked with the Mahindra team to develop a finish and process that would fit the demands of the manufacturer, the dealer network and the end user. Larson, along with John Wilhelm, Frank Madaski, and Jason Friar from PPG's commercial coatings sales UNIQUE ROXOR UTV VEHICLE TAKES ON THE RUGGED WITH A PPG FINISH UNIQUE ROXOR UTV VEHICLE TAKES ON THE RUGGED WITH A PPG FINISH 16

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