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Shop-Line Toners C O D E / D E S C R I P T I O N S I Z E J11 Fine Russet Mica 4Z J12 Violet Mica 4Z J13 Super Red Mica 4Z J14 White Mica 4Z J15 Blue Mica 4Z J16 Green Mica 4Z J17 Red Mica 4Z J18 Copper Mica 4Z J19 Gold Mica 4Z J21 Transparent Yellow Oxide 04, 01 J22 Gold 04, 01 J25 Yellow Oxide 04, 01 J26 Red Shade Yellow 04, 01 J27 Organic Yellow Lead Free 04 J28 Red Shade Yellow Lead Free 04 J33 Blue Shade Green 04, 01 J34 Yellow Shade Green 04, 01 J41 Green Shade Blue 04, 01 J42 Red Shade Blue 04, 01 J43 Indo Blue 04, 01 J44 Medium Blue 04, 01 J49 High Strength Red 04, 01 J50 Organic Red 04, 01 J51 Red Oxide 04, 01 J53 Transparent Red Oxide 04, 01 J55 Quindo Maroon 04, 01 J56 Perylene Maroon 04, 01 J57 Violet 04, 01 J58 Quindo Violet 04, 01 J70 Medium Aluminum 04, 01 J71 Coarse Aluminum 04, 01 J72 Medium Bright Aluminum 04, 01 J73 Fine Gray Aluminum 04, 01 J77 Coarse Silver Dollar Aluminum 04, 01 J80 Micronized White 04 J81 Flatting Agent 04 J83 Tinting White 04, 01 J84 Hi-Hiding White 01 J86 Jet Black 01 J87 Tinting Black 04, 01 J92 Enamel Drier 01 J93 Enamel Mixing Clear 01 J94 Mixing Clear 01 Shop-Line Plus Toners C O D E / D E S C R I P T I O N S I Z E J20 Fine White Mica 04 J29 Inorganic Yellow (Green Shade) 04 J35 Phthalo Green Yellow 04 J45 Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) 04 J60 Violet 04 J61 Deep Violet 04 J62 Perrindo Maroon 04 J64 Quindo Magenta 04 J65 Transparent Red Oxide 04 J66 Quindo Red 04 J69 Extra Fine Aluminum 04 J74 Fine Aluminum 04 J75 Fine Bright Aluminum 04 J76 Very Coarse Aluminum 04, 01 J78 Gold Aluminum 04 J79 Orange Aluminum 04 J82 Flattening Base 04 J89 Deep Basecoat Black 01 J98 Mixing Clear 01 Shop-Line Plus Diamond Toners C O D E / D E S C R I P T I O N S I Z E J01 Silver Diamonds AZ J02 Gold Diamonds AZ J03 Russet Diamonds AZ J04 Blue Diamonds AZ J05 Red Diamonds AZ J06 Green Diamonds AZ J07 Copper Diamonds AZ Shop-Line Compliant System Converters C O D E / D E S C R I P T I O N S I Z E J128 JTX Converter 01 J136 JBX Converter 01 J179 JBPX Converter 01 C O D E / D E S C R I P T I O N S I Z E C O D E / D E S C R I P T I O N S I Z E 01 Gallon 8Z 8 Ounce 04 Quart AZ 12 Ounce 05 5 Gallon 4Z 4 Ounce 06 16 Gallon N2 2.5 Liter 08 Pint N5 5 Liter 55 55 Gallon Product Size Guide Intermix System and Toners 5

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