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Page 2 TRN130 Health & Safety 11/17 © 2017 PPG Industries I. PPG VISITOR INFORMATION: Welcome to the PPG Refinish Business Development Center! It is important to observe all regulatory and company safety rules. They exist to ensure your safety as well as the safety of others while you are visiting us. Please be sure to sign the visitor log upon your arrival and departure from this site. The following precautions should be observed at all times: z Matches, Lighters, Mobile Phones, Cameras or other similar equipment are NOT permitted in work areas. These devices may cause a spark, leading to an explosion or fire in areas where paints or solvents are present. Please leave these items in your vehicle or in the office/training room areas. z Emergency Evacuation: In the event of fire or other emergency, you may be required to leave this facility. Please familiarize yourself with this location's evacuation route(s). To evacuate, walk quickly via the nearest unblocked or unobstructed exit to the parking lot of the building. Remain in that area and wait for instructions from PPG staff. z Report All Accidents and Injuries: Report all "near-miss" events, accidents, and injuries of any sort to a PPG staff person. z Waste Disposal – Dispose of all waste material in designated containers. Obey posted instructions. If you are unsure of how to dispose of waste, please ask your PPG representative. z Food and Drink – Food and drink are only permitted in the classroom, office, and dining areas. z PPG Facilities are Tobacco-Free: The possession and/or use of all tobacco products is prohibited on PPG property including parking lots, entrances, exits, and roadways. z No Drugs, Alcohol, or Firearms are Allowed On-site - These items are NOT permitted anywhere inside or outside PPG property. By commencement of training or work on-site, you have agreed to abide by the site's safety conditions and rules listed on this sheet. HEALTH SAFETY ENVIRONMENT PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP

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