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149 FINAL CLEANING MATTE CLEARCOAT PD-0820M Caution: Wear the proper safety protection when sanding, cleaning, mixing and spraying all materials included within this process. To maintain your vehicle's low-gloss appearance for years to come, please refer to the following maintenance recommendations below. 1 In order to keep the low gloss surface effect, avoid using paint cleaners, abrasives, polishes or waxes. The vehicle must not be polished. Polishing will lead to a higher, uneven gloss effect. 2 Cleaning with unsuitable materials could alter the low gloss effect (generally increasing gloss). 3 Avoid automated car washing. The preferred car washing method is by hand with a soft sponge, mild soap and lots of water. Frequent car washing over a period of time could lead to increased and inconsistent gloss levels across a panel. Washing under direct sunlight should also be avoided. 4 Insects and bird droppings should be removed immediately. These residues should be soaked in water to soften and/or remove carefully with high pressure cleaning equipment. In the case of strongly adhered residues, a spray-on insect remover should be used prior to washing. 5 Whenever using any type of cleaning fluids with soft sponges or cloths, it is essential not to apply pressure or rub the low gloss finish. A gentle wipe/spray-on, wipe-off technique should be used. Applying pressure will alter the low gloss effect and result in an uneven appearance. 6 Refer to the Matte Finish Care Guide (part number ARMATTECRG), for more detailed instruction ons maintaining the perfect matte finish.

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