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ppG GALLery PROFeSSOR eARNS TOP MARKS Roger Burman, owner of Lakeside Rods & Rides in Rockwell City, Iowa, is a Camaro buff. His customers, Dave and Karen Leisinger, are also huge fans. So when they came to Lakeside with their '71 Camaro SS for a radical build, they had high expectations. They weren't disappointed. Burman turned their car into an award-winning tribute to drag racing legend and Leisinger family friend, Warren "The Professor" Johnson. Dubbed The ProfeSSor, the Camaro has already taken home a Goodguys Muscle Machine of the Year award, a Mothers Shine Award at SeMA, and landed a finalist spot for Street Machine of the Year at the Goodguys PPG Nationals. For The ProfeSSor's finish, Roger Burman turned to Deltron DBC basecoat and DCu2002 clear. The silver color (code 909459) is a nod to Porsche's 2010 GP Silver. The super-bright Blue Aqua Hot Licks accents recall 1980s styling. Given its several awards and show- stopping looks, there can be no doubt that The ProfeSSor is at the head of the class. 35

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