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FeAtUre AT KiNdiG-iT deSiGN, PASSiON ANd iMAGiNATiON TURN PAiNT ANd MeTAL iNTO SHOWSTOPPeRS above: Dave and Charity Kindig. Left: Goodguys Tribute '32 and 1960 Bel Air. Right: 1937 Chevy. Can you The Tribute '32 earned rave reviews, but the best moment happened at the Hot Rod industry Alliance banquet. With his crew and wife looking on, dave won the 2012 Goodguys Trendsetter Award. This prestigious recognition marked him as a rising talent in the hot rod realm where previous winners include some of the scene's greatest legends. "it was one of the biggest honors ever to happen to me," dave said. it was an honor a lifetime in the making. dave started drawing cars at age five and just never stopped. As a rep for a high performance coatings supplier, dave interacted with top-tier even though top-notch customs from Kindig-it design have been showcased at SeMA for the last eight years, the 2012 show promised to be a very special occasion for one simple reason—the debut of their Tribute '32 Giveaway Car. dave Kindig, owner and driving force behind the Salt Lake City shop, had been commissioned to create a real world version of the original Gary Meadors deuce tudor, the beloved cartoon car in the Goodguys logo. This "hiboy" build will be on display at most Goodguys events until given away at the 2014 PPG Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. Yes, we can. 6

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