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ppG GALLery painter dennis barraza gave the coach its maroon and beige finish using ppg's Delfleet Essential ® system. ledbetter unveiled it at the 2010 goodguys 24 th west Coast nationals, where it won a goodguys pick award. 35 retro motor CoaCh Conceived by famed industrial designer brook stevens and one of only three ever built, this 1941 western Flyer motor coach was given a new life by award-winning, custom car upholsterer howdy ledbetter. when ledbetter found the rare relic, it was a rusted shell. he then took a new Ford chassis, stretched it 48", rebuilt the body, custom fabricated fenders and added a 1941 Ford grill, upside down for a cowcatcher look. throughout the restoration, ledbetter stayed true to the vehicle's original retro style. if they did it right once, why not let them do it right again? apparently, that's what one of lee brown's customers thought. brown, owner of precision auto body, reseda, Calif., restored this beautiful and very rare 1961 Ferrari 250 gt lusso some 37 years ago. so when the car was damaged recently in a roadway mishap, its owner brought it back to brown for another restoration. the precision crew went to work on the million- dollar sports car and meticulously repaired the body. the car's deep burgundy metallic finish came out looking like a pristine sheet of glass, thanks to Envirobase ® High Performance products and d8126 CeramiClear ® mar and scratch resistant Clearcoat. the Ferrari's actual designation is 250 gt pininfarina berlinetta, but the car became known as "lusso," meaning luxury in italian, and very appropriate here. re-restored Ferrari

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