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helP StoP WaSteful DuPlicate mailingS: if you receive duplicates of the same brochure with different customer numbers, please send us the labels. Be sure to indicate the correct label and we'll update our records. thanks so much for your help. ©2011 PPg industries Part no. PaMrr511, 5/11 LitHO in Usa attn: Paint and body shoP PresOrteD stanDarD U.s. POstage PaiD POntiaC, iL PerMit nO. 293 PPg industries attn: refinish group 19699 progress drive strongsville, oh 44149 Forwarding service requested • No flash time betweeN coats • out of dust iN 10 miNutes • fast cycle times for siNgle and Multi-Panel RePaiRs • No heat required • saNd aNd polish iN 20 Minutes, if desiRed • excelleNt gloss aNd aPPeaRance suPeRfast aiR dRy caPability designed for use over Deltron ® dbC and Envirobase ® High Performance basecoats, dC2000 is the ideal choice for the high production collision center aiming to achieve new heights in productivity without sacrificing performance. requiring no flash time between coats, the superfast air dry capability of this "wet-on-wet" clearcoat facilitates exceptional repair cycle times, while bypassing the baking booth to save on energy costs. DC2000 ultra VeloCity Clear Coming soon! whAt S New

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