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Precise color alignment Aquabase Plus paint produces superior color matches for all vehicle makes and models in solid, metallic, 2- and 3-stage pearl colors. Easy to apply and blend, the highly chromatic toners offer superb color match in only two or three coats. Application of a final light control coat ideally mimics the look of today's metallic finishes. And because more and more OEMs choose waterborne basecoats for their original finishes, it's only logical for refinishers to use the same technology. The beauty of non-stir technology One reason the Aquabase Plus system yields impressive results lies in its innovative micro-gel "anti- settle" technology. Formulated with a true acrylic waterborne latex resin, an Aquabase Plus toner does not allow the pigment to settle in the container due to its high viscosity. To prepare for the mix, simply shake by hand and the pigments will assume their proper orientation. No mixing machine is required which in turn enhances color consistency. Aquabase ® Plus Premium Waterborne Basecoat System Market-leading technical excellence and advanced color capability. Drawing upon the rich European heritage of NEXA AUTOCOLOR ® brand innovation and the world's first waterborne basecoat launched in 1992, the Aquabase Plus system offers the latest, next-generation technology to deliver technical excellence and high performance. It's an industry-leading, environmentally progressive solution for accurate repair of original finishes without sacrificing process efficiency.

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