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8 SAFETY GENERAL PRECAUTIONS KNOW THE PRODUCT THAT YOU ARE USING Before handling PPG refinish products, read and understand the information on the label and product Safety Data Sheet (SDS). The product label and SDS contain all of the information necessary for the safe handling, storage and use of PPG products, including health and physical hazards specific to each product. HOUSEKEEPING High standards of housekeeping are essential to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. Avoid contaminating work surfaces with overspray, sanding dust or spills. Clean spills immediately using the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Make sure there are no ignition sources nearby. If there are, remove sources and ventilate area. 1. Contain and collect large spillage with non-combustible or absorbent material, i.e., sand, earth, kitty litter. Do NOT allow these materials to enter drains. 2. After absorption, put clean-up material in hazardous trash container for disposal. 3. Pay attention to personal hygiene, e.g., washing hands before and after eating or drinking and using the lavatory. MIXING AND HANDLING Used or partially used containers should be securely closed, properly labeled and returned to the storage area as soon as possible after use. APPLICATION Technicians should be protected against the inhalation of dusts, vapors and spray mists at all stages in the process. Providing good general ventilation is essential to keeping airborne contaminants below dangerous levels. Local exhaust ventilation should be provided at all points where emissions to the workroom may occur. Spraying must be confined to spray booths or enclosures fitted with mechanical exhaust ventilation. The mechanical exhaust ventilation systems should be kept running for a short period after spraying to ensure the complete removal of vapors and spray mists.

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