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92 MAKING A SPRAYOUT CARD PD-1631 Caution: Wear the proper safety protection when sanding, cleaning, mixing and spraying all materials included within this process. 1 Obtain OEM color code for vehicle. Reference a color chip book or wall poster for color code locations on various vehicles. 2 Look up OEM color code using PPG Color Tools to find the color formula number. Note any variant colors available. 3 Check variant colors using PPG Chromatic Color Deck. When evaluating color match, use natural sunlight, color-corrected lights, or 3M™ PPS™ SUN GUN™ and view under equal gloss levels. Choose prime or variant color with best match. 4 Mix color—Once desired color is verified, mix a small amount of basecoat color on the scale–enough to make a sample and a few sprayout cards. 5 Apply 2-4 coats on the correct G-shade sprayout card until the desired color is achieved. Apply clearcoat and allow to dry. NOTE: For proper color evaluation, all sprayouts should be clearcoated. 6 Check the sprayout card under natural sunlight, color-corrected light or 3M ™ PPS ™ SUN GUN ™ to verify color match. Always compare the sprayout at 90° (face or head-on) and at angles between 20-60° (side tone) to the car. 7 When desired color match is verified, mix enough basecoat color for the entire paint job. 8 File sprayout card in PPG sprayout card binder DOX44 or other suitable filing system for future reference.

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