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93 TRI-COAT COLOR LETDOWN PANEL PD-1660 5 COATS OF MIDCOAT 4 COATS OF MIDCOAT 3 COATS OF MIDCOAT 2 COATS OF MIDCOAT 1 COAT OF MIDCOAT APPLY BASE TO ENTIRE PANEL CLEARCOAT ONLY HALF THE PANEL TO HIGHLIGHT DIFFERENCES IN MIDCOAT. MASK OFF 5 HORIZONTAL SECTIONS OF THE PANEL. APPLY 5 COATS OF MIDCOAT TO ENTIRE PANEL, REMOVING 1 SECTION OF MASKING AFTER EACH COAT. Caution: Wear the proper safety protection when sanding, cleaning, mixing and spraying all materials included within this process. Use these steps to determine the amount of pearl or tinted mid-coats that will be needed to achieve the desired color. 1 Obtain OEM Color Code and look up the code using PPG's color tools. 2 Note any variant colors available. Use PPG Variant Deck to check variant color chips against the area to be painted on the vehicle. Choose the prime or variant formula that aligns best with the desired color. 3 Prepare the tri-coat letdown panel as shown below. Apply the recommended shades of gray sealer for ground coat color to the letdown panel first. 4 Use the panel to determine the number of coats of midcoat color required to achieve the desired color.

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