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14 10 6 3 On the COver Bill steele's "Honey Bagger," an inspired 2006 Harley Davidson road glide custom in a super- sweet custom color. 6 BILL StEELE The man behind the award winners 10 DREAM CORVEttE PPg enlists with TV's Two Guys Garage to help celebrate a wounded warrior 14 KENNY'S ROD SHOP a new twist on iconic hot rod models PPG RePaint RePoRteR Volume 71, numBer 2 auTumn 2012 executive editoR CrisTina Fronzaglia cReative diRectoR T. Jon worDen desiGn diRectoR DaVe BuFFingTon desiGn staff mark FranCisCo BoB sanToro ManaGinG editoR mereDiTH simPson contRibutinG editoR lora ParloVe WRiteRs BreTT Bialowas eli greenBaum CaTHy nelson JoHn wooDwarD T. Jon worDen PRoduction ManaGeR sHellie Hill contRibutinG PhotoGRaPheRs CHris Clor JoHn JaCkson DaViD nuFer Doug sCaleTTa TDg+moTion PPg rePainT rePorTer is PuBlisHeD By THe CommuniCaTions DeParTmenT oF PPg auTomoTiVe reFinisH. senD CommenTs anD quesTions regarDing THis PuBliCaTion To: PPg inDusTries rePainT rePorTer eDiTor 19699 Progress DriVe sTrongsVille, oHio 44149 reFinCommDPT@PPg.Com or, Fax To: (440) 572-6880 looking For aDDiTional CoPies oF THis PPg rePainT rePorTer issue? limiTeD CoPies are aVailaBle By ConTaCTing your loCal PPg DisTriBuTor or PPg salesPerson. PPg DisTriBuTors Can orDer By ConneCTing To PPg CenTral Via www.PPgCenTral.Biz anD using THe ParT numBer on BaCk CoVer. dePaRtMents 4 insiDe line Bob Burgess, training director for PPg refinish, underscores the need to keep technicians abreast of the latest products. 5 Team PPg newsworthy items on PPg and its employees. 12 TeCH Talk Paul stoll, PPg's custom expert shows how to create a monotone masterpiece. 18 Taking Care oF Business improve your paint shop throughput by implementing the lean methodology of the quick Changeover approach. 21 wHaT's new Primed and ready—new ePw115 waterborne speed Prime. 22 sHoP ProFile global Collision mini in atlanta reflects sonic automotive's confidence in a recovering economy. 25 markeTing on DemanD Download customized promotional assets featuring the good Housekeeping seal. 28 in liVing Color The latest tools and ways to access the target color of your customers' vehicles. 30 ProDuCT uPDaTe introducing a basecoat for Delfleet ® Essential. 32 gallery Bobby alloway, custom car winners and olympic bicycles take center stage in our PPg showcase. 36 sema 2012 Head west, paint pro! Visit PPg at the biggest aftermarket show of the year.

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